Sunday, 30 April 2017

Salute 2017 coverage Part9

All stands try in some way to lure your attention to them since they want to sell their miniatures, terrain and games. There was couple stands that tried something different and instead of just giving you the goods to buy they also gave you a full experience into their universe. Probably the best stand design on show.

Wild West Exodus

Enclosed inside 4 walls this stand was dangerous because from the moment you entered there you are submersed into miniatures, artwork, game and tables and its really hard to get out. Tight design good walking area you would feel compelled to check it in detail.

Each wall decorated with artwork set the mood.

Inside there was also a demo table.

Its not all show off with no content here… the miniatures ARE spectacular! The paintjobs are amazing too.

This was the free miniature on Salute's goodies bag. Amazing plastic sprues in Legendary Nimue.

If you manage to get outside of this magnetic stand ( I did but only when they gave me a free 300 page rulebook) WOW!!!! There was extra 2 superb demo tables to enjoy the game.

If there was one stand that did it all right this was it.

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