Saturday, 8 April 2017

Camel Spider finalised variant

The initial camel spider got some amended sculpted details on the carapace and textures, now its grittier and  looks aged, which is quite appropriate for this creepy monster.

Camel spiders are quite interesting creatures and some of the most strange live arachnids, truly terrifying.
Another finalised project to add to collection of insects. Mortal Arrow miniatures will have these on sale on their online store for anyone interested.


  1. Replies
    1. :D
      Something you could probably find in the under hive.

  2. Or under my dirty mattress...

    1. The good thing is that your mattress would be free of other bugs, the bad news are once all other bugs are eaten it will turn on you ^_^

    2. Hmmm... That would actually explain those strange and extremly painful bite marks on my leg...
      Have you seen what bite marks camel spiders can make? ^^

    3. Yes! If you have 4 huge holes of pus in your leg then thats the camel spiders signature. I think most is just urban myth since most camel spiders are not poisonous. Not going to put that to the test though :D
      You need some tarantulas on you mattress to deal with the camel spider man!