Wednesday, 26 April 2017

Salute 2017 coverage Part5

Salute can be quite intense if it's your first time and never experienced this kind of events. Its easy to get lost with so many stands. There are always specific stands that you should try to pin down on the event map and get there no matter what.

Figone is specialised in resin miniatures for painters, these models are sculpted and painted by some of the best artists in the business.

At Oathsworn stand I managed to take a snapshot of the new greens coming in this year for the Kickstarter. Love these minis and got one of their toads. White metal and perfect for any war-game with animals and fantasy creatures.

Next stand has been my favourite for the past couple years, the range is Nightfolk and it was a major surprise when they appeared on Salute for the first time in 2015. For those not familiar with them you must know that this range did not have a kick-starter, preorders, previews etc… They simply did it the traditional way, pay a sculptor to sculpt then cast in white metal, put inside a blister and, voila, sell it on Salute. Makes it look simple but it's becoming something rare these days.

It does help that the miniatures concepts are funny backed up with good sculpting.
So past a couple years what has happened? Well, the range continues on growing fast, new minis, more concepts and crazy ideas and even a new range to go alongside Nightfolk, the Time robbers. You could now find this and last year new minis on display inside their typical little domes.
Also some new box sets with warbands. Nice.

I got the dwarf family on the top of the picture, hilarious minis.

Happy to see them being rewarded for all the hard work.

Moving to 15mm Scifi.

Two ranges on display, one in 15mm with infantry and mechs while the other is a spaceship game.
The designs are top class and quite fresh.

But what really kicked me in the nuts was their 15mm terrain on display. Man I always wanted some high detailed affordable 15mm scifi terrain and I think for the first time someone actually nailed it to perfection.

Seriously this is the level of detail you find on 28mm terrain, to see this done in 15mm is brilliant.

Painted up table.


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