Saturday, 15 September 2012

Blood Bowels Team

Hello folks following my Bloodbowl dive I decided to create a little chaos team to play with some friends. So after much planning and thinking ( 7 nurgle minutes ) the most stinky team ever to appear on a Bloodbowl field was born... I introduce you the


To start up I went and did some shopping, here is what I got to kick start the fat lads.

And some wip pics of my first 3 rotters!

More to join in the team on the background...

On a related note I forgot to upload some more bases I did for the secret weapon... its the same theme but this time on lipped warmachine style of bases...

18 more things to add to my 2012 sculpting goal...

Sunday, 2 September 2012

Creeping infection base set

Last week Secret Weapon miniatures released a new set of bases with a very bug theme... Creeping Infection!

I had the pleasure to sculpt these disgusting bases and infest them with hundreds of little worms and maggots and all kind of nasty things in a field of strange fungus and rotting flesh sand... Overkill I know but it was really fun thing to sculpt...

Funny enough with these bases I achieved my goal for sculpting in 2012... I managed to sculpt 100 Pieces Muhahahaha... Whats next?