Saturday, 15 September 2012

Blood Bowels Team

Hello folks following my Bloodbowl dive I decided to create a little chaos team to play with some friends. So after much planning and thinking ( 7 nurgle minutes ) the most stinky team ever to appear on a Bloodbowl field was born... I introduce you the


To start up I went and did some shopping, here is what I got to kick start the fat lads.

And some wip pics of my first 3 rotters!

More to join in the team on the background...

On a related note I forgot to upload some more bases I did for the secret weapon... its the same theme but this time on lipped warmachine style of bases...

18 more things to add to my 2012 sculpting goal...


  1. Looks great!
    Was very happy to see the plastic plaguebearers for the same reason: perfect Blood Bowl potential.

  2. I had no idea plaguebearers are placcy now O_o
    Great work! Glad to know you are having fun :)

  3. Well those are certainly horrific. But yeah, nothing like plastics to encourage customization!

  4. I really cracked up when I saw the plague bearer with football helmet.... Best conversion ever!

    Great blog overall, and it's nice to see that you update so often :)

  5. Sorry for late reply guys it has been one hell of a month!

    thanks for the comments.