Monday, 24 April 2017

Salute 2017 coverage Part3

Salute is the home of all kinds of wargames; new starters, established, mainstream and alternative. All with different strengths and interest points and this is why I like Salute so much. It's the perfect arena for any wargamer to watch the brands/games fight for your attention. All have an equal chance there.

One game that keeps growing every year is, World of Twilight

I really liked the demo table since it had all the factions on display inside little acrylic stands. I was not aware that the range had built up to be so large over the years, quite an achievement on what we can describe as a game with  dinosaurs and reptilian creatures. I hope next year to actually get some of these minis just for sake of it, there was some really funny ones there.

My favourite miniature has to be this one.

Moving into other tables theres one that does not need introductions… A massive 40k battle.

Salute had a very busy painting competition and for sure others will cover it on other blogs, its quite hard to take pictures when there are so many people around the displays. I managed to only take pictures of my favourite entry, it did not win but I managed to chat with the painter at the end of the show and congratulate him for such an outstanding work.

And something new landed on Salute.

Drowned Earth

I decided to cover this one with more detail and had a really enjoyable chat with the people behind this project. So this a Post apocalyptic skirmish game on a verdant landscape of old abandoned cities covered by jungles and swamps were small warbands fight to the death. What makes this so compelling is that the warbands themselves are a multiracial mixture of talent, where gorillas, lizards, human and dwarfs hare specialised in a particular skill which they use to help out their group. So each group will be quite interesting to paint and play with so many different models to choose from.

The miniatures are digitally sculpted and are cast in metal which in my book is the best material for this type of projects. Oh and the gorillas are SOOOO nice and heavy chunky metals.

The demo tables had some nice sets and looks like it's a fast paced skirmish game that many people will enjoy. Its on Kickstarter and this one has the potential to be something special.

Until next update have a good night.


  1. That Twilight stuff is great isn't it - a certain Dark Crystal vibe going on. I somehow missed seeing the Drowned Earth, asides from the apes, I'm not sure if it's my cup of tea (coffee) or not...

  2. Twilight keeps on growing and they do seem to appeal to all ages too, it's the perfect family wargame. To be honest I never really imagined that the range could expand so much since I thought it to be limited to only dinosaurs factions, glad I was wrong. Drowned Earth is starting up with some nice ideas and good sculpting… love the gorillas and they showed me one concept with a minigun. I think I need to have all those gorillas one day.


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