Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Rotted Out heads sets for 28mm

I just shipped, this week, a set of 9 sculpted heads aimed for 28mm conversions, to a new starting up company named Battleroad Games & Hobbies... For now there's only their online store but soon enough they will start selling these sets.

These are the first sculpts for them and the idea is to sculpt more items before they will put everything online for sale. Its planned for the end of this year, maybe sooner and I will keep you guys posted with the other sculpts I'm developing for them...

This set of 9 heads is named Rotted out Heads and I hope you enjoy them.
Next on the table for Battleroad minis are some more goodies for those that like to make their armies unique with eye catchy conversions.


  1. Excellent work.. I wish I did 28mm more each day :/

  2. I'm glad you are the one doing this. Those are awesome. Very cool stuff. Look forward to seeing what is next.

  3. Thanks. I guess every scale has its charm and I have been a long time collector of 28mm. Today I think 15mm scifi is so strong that any fan of miniatures in general will appreciate the quality we see today.
    I'm very lucky to have projects for both the scales that I prefer.