Tuesday, 30 August 2011

1st Rangers platoon is finished UNSC

Finally I took some pictures of my painted and finished Rangers for my Caravela fleet.
You can find a painting tutorial on this blog in the previous month.

Painting these was a breeze of fresh hair because they are very detailed miniatures and since they are so small I did not spend as much time as I usual did with bigger scales.
Ground Zero games UNSC are some of the most enjoyable miniatures I had the pleasure to paint and I'm happy with the color choices for these. I will paint another squad for the second APC that I have here and I will buy a lot more GZG miniatures for my collection, but thats all in a near future but for now here are some pictures for your enjoyment.

And the platoon with his APC from Old Crow miniatures.

I hope you liked them.


  1. Absolutly brittlant! Love the way the helments seem to glow. Also thank you for awnsering my question about the harook SAWs. I look forward to seeing the rest of the harook greens.

  2. Pedro, the translucent effect on those helmets is very cool. Good camo too :)

  3. Cheers, happy to know you all liked them.

    I was unsure with the little battle damage on the 15mm infantry but I think it looks OK and gives a extra depth to the figure. As for the helmets, well... I have a soft spot for all things green.