Thursday, 25 August 2011

Chewk from Khurasan Miniatures

I just love most of the Khurasan range of minis but when I saw the Chewk I just knew that they would be a part of my 15mm adventures.
The concept is just crazy funny and they have a fresh feeling about them mixed with all the Star Wars old school coolness... To make things even better they are very tiny! So tiny that you will have to get loads of them to counter the other 15mm factions.

This is what I got, but I will get more for sure since they are irresistible.

a) A blister with 26 little chewks tribesmen with 12 diferent posed rifleman and 2 diferent chewk leaders (thats lots of diferent poses in one blister)

b) A blister with a chewkannon with loader, leader, beast of burden and lots of choices ( I will make a very freaky conversion with this packed blister

You can get lots of more goodies at Khurasan Miniatures at

The details on these little guys are incredible since they are around the 10mm size!

I'm still not sure how I will paint them and I will also have to create some differences between the 2 squads of riflemen but thats something for another post in the future.
I will get busy with them now and paint some for my 15mm incursions, I'm extremely happy with these miniatures. Great job from Khurasan.


  1. Cool review. I have been wanting to pick some up, though I really wish that John had some form of a cavalry riding smaller crustaceans.


  2. Thats a very good idea, for example some lobsters or giant crabs would be great for cavalry.
    I'm thinking on changing the chewkannon so that it fits the beast of burden better and I think the chewk technology would look nicer if it was a bit crude and not so developed.

  3. Surely mr. Bug man could scuplt some bug cavalry for the Chewk? :)

  4. Maybe some locust cavalary since crabs walk sideways on land...

  5. Sure I think I could and should sculpt something for my chewks. This incoming weekend I will convert the chewkannon to something a bit more starwarish.

    Funny idea about the crabs walking sideways, they would be a perfect weapon platform.