Wednesday, 17 August 2011

New Scorpions for Otherworld Miniatures

Just finished sculpting some new miniatures for Otherworld Miniatures and this time I had the goal to sculpt 3 scorpions.

So I mixed my greenstuff and started making some giant scorpions, not to exotic or strange but just generic scorpions to fill up your Dungeons Crawlers or your RPG's or even just use them in generic fantasy games of your preference.

For those that don't know Otherworld miniatures I leave you the link:

They are specialized on 28mm miniatures for the role-player with lots of really cool dungeon monsters and I had the pleasure to make some of them in the past ( I will post them here one day).
Good stuff in there for all to check out.
I guess that scale wise these scorpions that I just did will fit 30mm bases and as such they are good for 28mm as giant scorpions but they can also fit 15mm as some Clash of the titans huge like scorpions.

These little buggers had lots of tiny legs so it was not a fast sculpting commission, I believe the client will add some spikes here and there in the future so these may look a slightly bit different from what you find later in store, but without further delay here are some pictures of the Scorpions that I sculpted:

Los 3 amigos :)

Here's a scale picture with one of the scorpions based on a 30mm black base, this way you guys can figure out the scale of these little bugs.

Another thing that I like to do on all my miniatures is that even if no one is going to notice it I always sculpt the bottom part of my minis, some sculptors just leave that flat because, lets face it, no one will see it after based... But for me it makes sense to sculpt everything because this way people who buy this mini will have no problems converting these to awkward poses if they wish to.  I know, I know you can just call me bug freak now XD

The design of the scorpions was created to be simple enough for casting so its a 3 part model... also Richard (owner of Otherworld miniatures) suggested me the idea of making the junctions like Ball/socket so that people could interchange the bits... I only managed to do that kind of junction on the tails, so the modelers and converters among us will be happy to know that each tail can be used in different scorpions and that they can all be glued in tons of different poses...
 The tail is one of the most prominent features on the scorpion so a little change on the pose here and there  will make a big difference on the final model appearance.

I hope you enjoy these Scorpions, for me it was a blast to sculpt some more bugs for Otherworld Miniatures... Happy Dungeon Crawling adventures!


  1. Some nice scorpions for my tomb kings army...

    Are there any giant bats in the near future? That would be great.

  2. I will mail Richard about the bats. :)

  3. They are... simply beautiful.

    No, I mean it. In an industry that sometimes seems dominated by cartoonish exaggeration and, one suspects, simple ignorance of an animal's anatomy, these really stand out.

  4. Awesome work there. I commend you for not giving them a whole bunch of spikey bits and other goofy exagerations that other sculptors feel a scorpion needs to be scary.


  5. Thanks guys.

    I tried to keep things simple and enjoyable for the painters but also accurate anatomy wise... Also if there's tons of spikes the model loses a bit of the fast&deadly approach and gets more Old&slow kind of scorpion.

  6. Wow, those are great! And dedication to accurate anatomy is never inappropriate (unless one is sculpting SM Termiantors, I guess!)

  7. Love these models, unfortunately it look like they aren't in production yet :(

    Any idea when they will be available?