Monday, 22 August 2011

First Harook sculpt is finished!

Well I just finished sculpting the first Harook mini for Mad Robot Miniatures.
The idea was to sculpt this bird like Scifi creature for 15mm warfare and that it should be some mm taller than a regular 15mm man.

Sculpting in 15mm has different limitations than sculpting in 28mm, for one proportions get to be a bit more cartoony and you should avoid isolated and very thin parts because of casting. So the thin and sharp things like feathers or spikes are not as prominent and they would be in 28mm... Nevertheless I'm quite OK with the  amount of small details I managed to add to this tiny mini without making it over the top.

I think this is faithful to the creature concept art and also enjoyable enough for the painter to have little fun with 15mm's, as such I'm happy with the compromises that had to be made to the design in order to convert it to 15mm.
With the concept cleared and sculpted now I can concentrate on sculpting 9 more poses... wish me luck.


  1. Very impressive, such a detail in a 15mm miniature.

    Waiting to se the complete squad.


  2. I'm Looking forward to seeing these in production, good luck!

  3. You were my first and only choice for these and I think it's obvious why.

    Just awesome, my friend.

  4. Thank you all, now I'm sculpting the other 9 Harooks and I hope that they will all look good :)

  5. Can't wait to get a few already!

  6. This does look as if it could push me into 15mm! Also a question, in the 10 sculpts you are doing will there be a SAW equivelent? some kind of squad support weapon?

  7. Yes 2 SAWs are going to be there ;)

    Thanks all.

  8. The Mad Robots have been in contact.. Expect to see these painted on TSS soon ;)

  9. I could not think of a better painter for them, very happy to see these in good hands :)

    If all goes as planned today I have about 50% done and pushing things to be completed around the end of the month.