Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Mad Robot Miniatures starts a new range of minis

Past month Steve Stodden from Mad Robot Miniatures contacted me asking if I was interested in joining in his new adventure in creating a new line of miniatures for the Sci Fi fans. His goal was to start with a new alien specie and go from there... how could I resist that?

So a few mails later and I'm very happy that Steve invited me to sculpt a bit for him, he even provided a superb concept art of the creature he wanted me to flesh out.
So for starters he wants a squad of 10 miniatures all in different unique poses based on his concept:

The Warbirds Concept

The scale for these miniatures will be around the 17mm, a bit taller than a normal 15mm human. I really like this concept! I'm looking forward to greenstuff his concept, hopefully he will enjoy them and I'm crossing fingers that the 15mm Community also appreciates this new line of alien creatures and embraces them into their personal Sci Fi Collections.

Thanks Steve and lets us join efforts in this new 15mm adventure, may our battleships reach a good destination. Let the greenstuffing begin.


  1. Heck, I know I'd be all over that and it's just a digital illustration.

  2. Hmm.. The "Uplift" series' Gubru? Or at least a passable stand-in. Or... if one was so inclined, high-tech Kroot ;)

  3. Yeah I also loved the concept and I'm already sculpting them... hopefully some wips pics soon. Mad Robot miniatures did a outstanding job on the concepts.

  4. Reminds me of what a Kroot mercenary should look like.

  5. I hope to see some good animation and killer instinct in these deadly aliens. Just remember to make the poses realistic for their roles.

    There is a lot of heroic posing out there that doesn't fly so well in 15mm scifi.


  6. The poses I'm working are quite generic rifleman style with no exaggerated strange poses, in fact Mad Robot asked me to make the first one a bit more hunched back to make it more menacing... very soon I will post pics.