Thursday, 11 December 2014

Black Orcs

The black orcs kits are very bulky and overall I was quite happy with the stock models but since they are the elite of any O&G army I took the time and added some twists.
For starters I wanted some huge Orcs mixed with the stock ones and so I went for the ogres range and got myself some nice bits and minis. It makes a difference on the global look of the regiment and they look even more brutal now.
I sculpted some bits and actually a little scorpion for the banner but the scorpion theme will be more visible when I paint the banner and the champion shield with appropriate scorpion features.

The Big fellas

Fun to built but not easy to stack them in one regiment, specially with no unit fillers.


  1. Nice scorpion. I've done similar things with some ogres conversions, but not the shields, may have to borrow that idea. Good stuff.

  2. Thanks. Your orcs have been very inspiring for my army.