Sunday, 25 October 2015

Sculpting a Rock Giant ( the concept)

I have been thinking about alternative creatures to add to my sculpting projects and after a bit of brainstorming I ended up going for a massive rock, stone and dirt Giant.

I find the miniature market does not have one that I would be willing to pay for so I got my pencils and paper out and sketched something that is more up to my street.

Sculpting rocks its kids play so this should be quite easy to sculpt too. Size wise I want the rock giant to be not as tall as regular Giant but considerably bulkier and with stumpy legs.

This is what I got so far.

Im not happy with the chains idea and will lose them, its just a bit ridiculous to expect that a Rock creature would be stopped by those puny metal chains. I already started sculpting this and its more patience work to fill that huge body mass with rocks than anything else... its entertaining though and drained 2 packs of putty already. Fun times.


  1. How about adding piece of human construction to the model?
    Like piece of stone wall or building?
    Kinda like magical force brought all stones from the nearby to raise the dreature: some stones were on the ground, some - under and other already used for building something.

  2. F*ck me, please edit "Dreature" into "Creature" dear... ;)

  3. Interesting idea mate, I shall sleep on it, thanks!