Sunday, 11 October 2015

Squig Gobba into Doom Diver

I have finished another little convertion for my Age of Sigmar Goblin Force.
I have always found Goblin artillery models quite lacking and boring, as such I will build up alternative stand ins for what I find an essential part of any army.

I started up with the Doomdiver and was an easy project because I used a very original kit done by Forgeworld the Goblin Squig Gobba. Even if the model is just superb in every way I added some of my own things.

Bugobbos Doomdiver

On the big squig I changed the goblin on its back since it looked way to fragile for gaming and also replaced the spit parts with a Maggoth Lord bit, again for durability sake.

I sculpted some bits here and there but overall nothing too complex. Im happy how much more sturdy this model became now, unlike the original FW one that would snap at any sneeze.

The crew stayed as was except for the Goblin that was on gobba back, this one needed a special touch.

Quick and easy project and Im done with the "Doomdiver". I will struggle more with the rock lobba and spear chukka but I will cross that bridge in another day.

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