Sunday, 18 October 2015

Alternative Arachnarok. HUGE SPIDER!

There's nothing like looking at the window and have a look at your friends to see if they are doing ok... No I'm not talking about the neighbors Im talking about my little garden friends.
This time of the year is when spiders get fat and big and Im lucky enough to have a colony of them outside near my garden.
Last year there was a big one on this same spot and looks like she left 5 or 6 spiderlings behing... this year I have watched them grow and hopefully next year the colony will grow even further. Lets hope they don't eat each other.

Here is one of the Spiderlings.

Thinking about spiders this weekend I remembered one of commissions for Otherworld miniatures, the biggest spider I ever sculpted. I mean I have them here so why not use it for Age of Sigmar as an Arachnarok?

As far as scale goes there are some differences against an Arachnarok. The legs are fatter but the abdomen is considerably smaller humm...

I think I will use this one with 4 little gobbos with spears on its back, which makes me 2 arachnarok strong for my AOS.
As for bits this kit comes with 8 legs 1 body and 2 small mouth pieces, all in pure metal so its very heavy... Heavy metal all the way!

If you interested you can find these spiders at Otherworld miniatures. 
To close this perfect weekend I managed to nail down a Huge sculpt concept for my Rock lobba and started sculpting it today... wasted already a full 113g pack of milliput Ouch!


  1. Thanks Eli its quite heavy too. A big monster for 28mm and something of biblical proportions in 15mm ;D