Thursday, 15 October 2015

The Tau Invasion

Great month for Tau fans with lots of new goodies! From huge kits loaded with options to wonderful terrain, there is something for everyone really. I have always been an enthusiast of the faction specially the Kroot since they do remind me of the Predator, like Nids do with Aliens. Not sure when Kroot will be updated but in the meanwhile Im having a great time with a small force of Tau.

I must say that I prefer infantry models rather than vehicles or big suits so I started just painting some colours into my man sized Tau, so far just reds. I want the colours to pop so its going to be nothing realistic or discreet, just plain in your face bubblegum red. Heres a wip.



  1. Those reds do pop, sir. Looking good.

  2. Thanks Finch. I will just use some brass and blacks as contrast for the reds so its just a simple colour scheme, yet fun to paint.