Thursday, 1 October 2015

Age of SIgmar rebasing the black orcs

Hi all, I have been rebasing my armies to round bases so that they are ready for Age of Sigmar.
The task is not easy if you have lots of models but the end results are well worth it.
Rules wise we can use any base but the square bases look visually out of place in a skirmish game, also its quite obvious the new GW direction, its clearly round bases all the way.

This time its my unit of Black Orcs that got the new bases and I used the new 32mm since these models are very bulky. Previously I had one unit of 25 Black Orcs but Im going to split them in 3 smaller ones for AOS. So far I have 2x10 Orcs with full command and one smaller 5 Orc unit that I will expand with extra minis so its the 3rd unit of 10 strong Orcs.

With 3 units of Black Orcs I will only need a Giant and a Black Orc Big Boss so that the IRONJAWS BIG MOB is finished.

Some photos.



Incomplete unit3

I still need to find a way to differentiate these units on the battlefield because once they are all bundled together dishing some pain on the puny Sigmarites they will be hard to distinguish between themselves... Since the theme is Scorpions maybe they will be painted with some different details... like Black scorpion unit, red scorpion and white scorpions. I need to think about that once I crack some colours into these. For now these are based on the new wonderful 32mm's and they look a lot nicer.

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