Saturday, 26 September 2015

Manorhouse Workshop terrain review

I have recently got some ruins from Manorhouse Workshop and I take this chance to review them here.

A few months ago I entered an online contest at one of my favorite blogs Tabletop Fix. You see it was their anniversary and they gave away lots of goodies to random followers, to my surprise I got the Manorhouse terrain bundle prize! I mean it was the best prize there in my opinion so i was Very lucky!

Manorhouse Workshop has some of the best terrain for wargaming that I have seen and I was always tempted to get me some of their villages and castles, for some reason I never got into it but this time I would have the pleasure to check first hand the quality of their terrain.

For starters you can check their projects and terrain at they go from full castles to small villages and modular terrain, prepainted ruins and now they are developing cool projects with some flexible materials, there are lots of options for every table you can think of.
I have noticed their style is more realistic in comparison with other companies which makes this terrain good for both historical battles as well as fantasy ones.

My review will be on their Prepainted ruins since I got 3 of them now.

I got prompt emails from the owner to ask for my details and the communication was 5 stars. When I got my parcel I was surprised with its huge size and this was done for a good reason since the packaging was probably the best I have seen. This thing would probably endure the hardest of hazards and still be in one piece... so naturally all 3 pieces got to me in perfect conditions, no dents no nothing all perfect.

Prepainted Ruin 1

This was the smallest of the pieces and as you can see its totally painted and flocked.

The interiors are as detailed as the exteriors ant the ruins are interesting enough that you can place minis inside or outside with lots of little line of sight points.

Some scale pictures with one 28mm figure, as you can see the smallest of the ruins is quite large in gaming therms, I mean its easily a medium/big piece of terrain.

You can place some shooting units on the second level inside this ruin which can make some cool dramatical games.

Prepainted Ruin 2

A considerably larger footprint than the previous one. Same flock style and colours are a perfect match.

Scale picture.

Prepainted Ruin 3

This ruin has a small cemetery attached to it which makes this like a little diorama on its own. Lots of  details on the graves too.

Take a look inside for a nice touch, great detailing.

Scale pictures.

All these ruins are quite detailed, much more than I was expecting on a prepainted terrain, but then again this is a Manorhouse Workshop product so quality is always going to be at the highest level.
The 3 pieces are a perfect complement to each other and the colours and flock are the same on the range making them very consistent and quite credible if you want to build a full table. 
The size of these pieces is quite big and decorated with funny angles and windows so expect lots of different line of sight angles to play with, this will make your battles a lot more interesting.

I must confess that Im a modeler first so the idea of prepainted was never on top of my list since I like to do my own thing my own way... Lets just say this product changed my mind towards terrain, I mean this is painted, flocked and ready straight from the box and the quality is above the most optimistic expectations. I think I will just invest in one of the largest pieces to finish up this collection and then I will have enough to fill half a gaming table with ruins. As a final touch I will add some of my own vegetation and flock to match my table because I'm that picky.

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