Sunday, 13 September 2015

Forgeworld Night Goblin Squig Gobba

Forgeworld always delivered some of the coolest minis on the market, I still remember the first time I got their resins and actually examined the details in real life, it was mindblowing at the time.
How well does it do today? Lets find out.

So for my Age of Sigmar I need some shooting things and Im not to keen on the current warmachines models... as natural progression looked into the Forgeworld Squig Gobba as a stand in for the doom diver. Nailed it! Now lets see what's in the bag.

Lots of goodies and with instructions too.

Lets have a closer look on the detail and cast.

Funny expression...

And the big boy.

The detail is still as crisp as I remember, minor flash and mouldlines which can be a hit and miss with Forgeworld. Happy to include this monster to my AOS army with some minor changes. Doom diver issue resolved now only to find cool minis to replace the spear chukkas and rock lobba.


  1. Waiting to see those finished.
    Don't give a damn about AoS but your modelling project is worthy full attention :)

  2. Thanks buddy.

    AoS is a good excuse to keep on modelling stuff ;)

  3. So is whole Warhammer 3ed sh!t...
    Just purchased ton of old undead farts ;)

  4. Indeed, these things are bad news for the wallet.
    Until I paint my stuff I will not buy more. Just some bases and terrain because minis I have way to many inside their boxes.
    In Theory this makes sense but I doubt I will resist XD

  5. "Until I paint my stuff I will not buy more"
    Muahahahaha... :-p

  6. I know I know ^_^
    To be honest my last purchase was a blister of the GW metal ratling snipers and that was before the summer.

  7. Well for obvious reasons I am only into second-hand stuff now.
    But it doesn't make the sport anything cheaper. I should get a better job or something ^^

  8. Yeah actually some good old OOP metals are VERY expensive to get these days. Looking at Ngobbos squigs and its just too much money.