Monday, 26 December 2011

The "Houston, we have a problem" diorama is finished

Aliens movies are a major reference for me and my hobby, I always find something to inspire my Sci Fi settings and miniatures in those movies and THE master H. R. Giger works always guide my imaginary into a world of delight.

Going back to when Kane got a facehugger kiss on the first Aliens movie it was one of the most memorable moments for me, so I tried to make this diorama a couple minutes prior to the facehugger attack when they discover the Aliens eggs.

The miniature is from Ground Zero Games and its 15mm, so its my first try on making dioramas in these small scales... I also took the chance to try to paint something a bit different with some drastic lightning effects hoping to catch the darkish feeling of the movie and that tense scene.

Diorama scale picture next to a 28mm

I really enjoyed working on one of my favorite themes and in 15mm, the biggest drawback for me when doing dioramas in 28mm's is that they really take a lot of space in storing and after you do 2 or 3 you start to be a bit stressed about the room in your display... in 15mm there's no such problems as such I now want to create LOTS of little 15mm dioramas :)
For now I hope Frothers community enjoys this one.


  1. Amazing work, I have been doing a lot of lighting effects lately too.. Never tried it before but it's fun! Love how this diorama turned out.

  2. It is brilliant and even more so when scaled next to the 28mm mini.

  3. Nicely done! Great lighting effects.

  4. Thanks all.

    I always wanted to try OSL effects on a diorama and 15mm gave me that chance without spending to much time. I now want to try some crazy colored lights and effects. I'm thinking star wars diorama or hellboy or spacehulk or... eheheh

    Spacejacker I noticed the weapons you painted on the Harook had some OSL, looks great and adds depth to the minis.

  5. Wow. This is the kind of 15 mm thing I've wanted to try, but as usual time and laziness work against me. Glad you showed us all how it's done properly.

    The light is great of course, but the xeno "creep" is really, really well done IMO. Of course that is one of your specialties, but I can attest it's not remotely easy to sculpt well. The one little egg sitting enticingly at the edge is perfect.

  6. Excellent work, and I am really looking forward to seeing your future efforts.

    Maybe something from the other Alien movies?

  7. Thanks!

    Allison waiting to see one of your little 15mm dioramas! You know, Half-life is actually a good and tempting theme to materialize ? Packed with cool critters and tense atmospheres...

    Lasgunpacker I'm still not sure what to do next diorama wise and I can only do those when I manage to ship all my paint pots and gears to a new address etc, but something I will be keeping my senses in alert is the new movie Prometheus.
    I also have one crazy idea I must sculpt in 15mm for myself, its a challenge because its around 10mm... I need a Master Yoda!

  8. Incredible work. Absolutely gorgeous.

  9. Class work, didnt realise it was 15mm till I landed on the blog post. It looked great as a thumbnail.. until I realised.. that was exactly how big it was! haha.

    - Tael.

  10. Amazing work! Inspirational in this scale. Thanks for sharing and for pushing me back to finish some of my own 15mm sci-fi dioramas.