Sunday, 4 December 2011

The Harook are released and reviewed

Mad Robot miniatures just released our beloved bird like space race for the 15mm market, The Harook and I for one will want a bunch of them for my portfolio and more importantly for my games! Muhahah.

So you can buy them at:

Mad Robot Store HERE

You can check the beautiful paintjobs created by the 15mm painter Master Spacejacker HERE

I will just upload some pics of Spacejacker awesome paintings on the Harook.

Finally a review from the blog of reference to all things 15mm the Dropship Horizon HERE

And if you check my blog you can see the greens HERE

So my final words on this 10 minis project, what can I say? These were truly a joy to create, Mad Robot Miniatures created the concept and produced the miniatures, I sculpted them, Spacejacker painted them and the Dropship Horizon crew and 15mm fans supported everything from the beginning. In this process I managed to make friends with similar goals that are just as simple as; Enjoying 15mm Scifi!

Is this the end for the Harook? For me its only the beginning and on my sculpting table I'm making room for some more ;)


PS- Got a mail notice to pick a mysterious pack at my post office I think some feathered minis just landed here.


  1. Congratulations, thanks for the mentions, and I am already drooling imagining many more to come!

  2. Wow you two are a 15 mm power team. Great sculpts and a stellar paint job on them! I like their weird little SMG thingys, and the sinister gangly look of the Harook themselves. Also, good use of armour while maintaining their avian characteristics.

  3. The armor was a challenge because the Harook has plenty of it but I still wanted it to look dynamic, birdlike slim. If you add to that its for 15mm market some great deal of back and forth with the proportions but I was lucky because these were created to be around 18mm mark and some like the sniper with the leg on the rock or the gps bird pass the 18mm a bit.