Saturday, 21 April 2012

SALUTE 2012 coverage Part 1 ( Dropzone Commander)

Saturday 21st of April at Excell London it was the meca of all things wargaming.
It was so huge that I'm going to divide the things that made my day so memorable.

On part 1 of this small resumed coverage I will show you guys what to me was the biggest surprise at salute... Dropzone Commander the mass battle 10mm sci fi game presentation...

Totally unexpected this new game had 4 different factions totally sculpted and painted on display, not only that but they had some casted stuff for people to handle and see by themselves the quality of the casting... and YES! The biggest drawback for me from things like Firestrom armada is that some casts have still the print lines from the 3d Printer and that's a big no for me... but these casts absolutely flawless... the design of the ships is BRILLIANT.  Don't believe me?


Official site link

level of detail

And soon after the summer release they will also release modular buildings tiles for you to built these:

Good stuff.


  1. Superbly crafted pieces.. but 10mm? Dang.. in your opinion, how do they size up in a 15mm world? :)

    Thanks for posting the album and getting word out all the same :D

  2. Absolutely beautiful high-technology looking miniatures but, as Tael says, WHY 10MM!?! If it was only 15mm I'd be on that stuff like rash!

  3. Edit: I added the official site link, there you can see more preview pics.

    These are true 10mm's and the figures, unless your creating a race of really tiny men, they dont fit... as for the ships some can be converted to 15mm's specially the bigger ones but the smalish ones would just go as drones. The quality is really there and I will get some to convert to 15mm so its sad I cant get away with a full faction because some of the ships and figs are way to tiny for 15mm.

    The buildings though could be used in 15mm because terrain is quite more forgiving.

  4. I was absolutely blown away by this, it far and away exceeds anything that is out there at the moment, and I wish them every success, but whoever is in charge of their marketing strategy really needs to have a serious rethink, I think they are making a major mistake not catering for 15mm sci fi.

    Judging by the masters on display these look like CAD designed miniatures, in which case scaling up would not be a major hassle, seriously hope they reconsider!

  5. @Anonymous - damn straight. Not having a rules set or any idea about price, let alone not wanting to sell me product (I had £200 in my pocket, ready to burn!) on the day isn't smart.

  6. I just posted one of your pics on my blog with a link back to your post. Let me know if you would rather me not steal one of your photos for my blog and I will take it down.

    Thank you for the great pics.

  7. 15mm? I'm just happy I can use most of it at 6mm.

    (wasn't even aware of 15mm sc-fi games). I just hope the cost isn't as breathtaking as the models. I'm still in WANT it NEED it mode right now.