Sunday, 8 April 2012

First sculpt of the Chuhuac for Loud Ninja Games

I managed to sculpt the first of many space dinosaurs for Loud Ninja Games and this fella is really tiny as you can see from the scale pictures that I have included further down this post.

It's a very nice challenge to sculpt at 15mm scale and I do try to put as many details as possible... but still you have to take in consideration the fact that these miniatures, above all, should be enjoyable to paint.

Since I'm also a painter I do try to put myself on the shoes of the miniature painters so I tend to sculpt the minis detailed but also with sharp and visible different painting areas so that the painter does not have to struggle just to figure out the details.

One thing I do dislike about some of the minis out there is that, even if superbly sculpted, sometimes they just have way to much stuff going on and it all blurs into a big mess of details... Not fun to paint and I try to dodge that with my sculpting.

But enough with the talk and lets see some pictures:

Chuhuac 15mm

Scale from left to right, GW 28mm, Chuhuac, GZG 15mm


  1. They look fantastic. I would definitely want to get them when they come out. :)

  2. Brilliant stuff again. I agree about the overly detailed concern, I chose my first 15mm set of models based solely on larger surface areas to better learn painting the genre. Look forward to the expanded range. Thanks for the scale shot too!

  3. Neat concept :) When you are sculpting something these in multiple poses, are all the poses sculpted from scratch separately? Or do you cast masters and convert those for the different limb and head poses? The former seems like a horrible amount of work...

  4. @Graham I'm also very exited as a collector /painter to get some of these for my private collection, its funny but its like you have a split personality because I sculpt minis for the client but I'm also looking at them as a wargamer.

    @Tael Its always one of my concerns when doing bases or minis because things have to be practical and enjoyable for anyone who buys them... as for the scale shot, believe me these are soooo tiny that the zoomed in pictures make them look like huge minis

    @Allison M. Everything is done from scratch and yes it s a very time consuming process :)

    1. Well I'm impressed! but I'd have been impressed either way... I honestly don't get how anyone sculpts anything at this scale.