Sunday, 5 February 2012

Back to the past, the old GW magic is back.

For the past few weeks I have been looking at my friends old White dwarfs, Rulebooks and really old-school stuff from those days Gamesworkshop lured my attention for the first time.

It's such a good feeling to browse all those old mags that I had stored on my blurry memories, heck some of the things I'm looking at go even way back...

So just to share a bit of these cool findings and to inspire you fellow modellers to make some cool dioramas and armies based on these things I leave you some few photos of the old and most of the times forgotten artwork.

Here are the first few mags Im browsing.

And some of the SO COOL artwork

If you guys are a bit like me, just by looking at these pics I want to sculpt lots of new things, but what really makes me a very happy BUG MAN is:

Genestealer orks? YEAHHHHHH!

My head just exploded.

This is just some few random pics but in the future I will try to show more cool pics of more dusty artworks from GW past, until then happy modelling!


  1. I've owned all these at one time or another, sadly I dont have them anymore. The freebooterz book is my favourite.

  2. Adrian Smith (?), Paul Bonner and several other greats artists defined my view of 40k. I still think Bonner's Gargant workyard piece to be an all time great.

    Enjoying all the retro posts this month about the blog-sphere.

  3. Wow, those take me back... I never played WH/40k so I never owned the rule books... but the lurid art and bizarre concepts were really cool back then. Sort of what I'd have loved to have been skilled enough to doodle in my school books :)

    Also, Goff Orks were so cute with their little Pickelhaubes.

  4. Yeah these really bring me back so many memories. Today after all those years into the hobbie I still find these fresh enough in the sense they still inspire me to create cool modelling ideas. I'm currently having one of those back to the past trips and really cool guys over here are introducing me to not so popular ranges Old days.. really incredible stuff.

  5. Orks ar da best!!!

    How are you doing, already missing the warm and sunny homeland?

    Are they feeding you properly in the misty lands of Albion?



  6. THERE'S SNOW OVER HERE... Soooooooo nice, loving it!