Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Night goblins archers

This was the unit  that traveled all the way from Portugal to the UK with minimal damage, very resilient little fellas so I'm quite proud of them ( cannot say the same about my other minis).
Since then I have made some changes and swapped the previous unit filler with a nice river troll ( he has no head because its been painted separated and I'm testing some colours).
I find river trolls some of my fav minis and could not resist to add it in.
These 40 archers are backed up with some fire beetles on their ranks to make things more fun.

I mixed all kinds of plastic kits, from old Night Goblins to the new ones, I think the difference in size makes things so much more fun and interesting, last thing I want is an uniform and boring big unit of goblins...

I know 40ish gobbos of archers is OTT but hey I like big chunky units.

One thing that took me a bit more time to do was the strings on the bows, I never really liked the invisible bow string look. 
The regiment is packed with lots of little fun conversions and here are some that I picked from the bunch.
The snottling riding the gobbo, the champ and the fire beetles unit filler.

Thats it for now, the first unit for my army is ready modeling wise.

See you on the next update.


  1. Nicely done, lots of character. Love the ones in the last pic.

  2. Cheers thanks mate.
    Not sure yet about the clothes colours, I need to find a good combo that does not take to much time to paint.