Sunday, 23 November 2014

Spider Riders

Spider riders are an absolute must have!
I liked them so much that I decided to create two different units, one with arrows and the other with spears.
For the first regiment I went with full command with banner, musician, champ and 5 extra archers. A small  8 goblin unit but with lots of little conversions. 
I used mainly the Games Workshop spiders (wonderful kits) with one metal arachnid from reaper as the champ pet. For the forest goblins I mixed the arachnarok crew with some regular riders to create some more dynamic poses.
I went crazy with the musician because lets face it the stock model is a bit pants and I wanted something more dramatic.

Every goblin army should have these spider riders, they are really full of character and fun to built.


  1. Very cool. Don't know what the stock musician looked like but your conversion is fantastic.

  2. Thanks Finch.

    The stock models is a bit static, he is just sitting on the spider and using skull and bones as a drum.