Monday, 24 November 2014

Spider regiment I highlights

The spider riders models are indeed very nice but I wanted to create something a bit more special for  a few of them. So the champion and the musician were the candidates for a face lift and a bit of botox.

The Champion was based on the arachanarok crew because I wanted a champ worthy of some action, I mean the stock model is sitting down on the spider, I wanted him to look like he was actually challenging its adversary. The best bit about this was the spider, what a great surprise when I discovered a couple of them, by chance, at the bottom of my bitz bag... I believe its from reaper. The chunky big spider was just perfect.

The musician needed to have more charisma, again the stock model is a gobbo hitting a skull sitting on its spider... nopes! This fella definitely needed more music into his life and so I gave him a bit of greenstuf.

Next update the 2nd unit of spider riders.


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