Thursday, 13 November 2014

Lost in the dark

Hi fellow bug friends.

I have been off the blog and internet social life for more than one year now and many things have happened. Real life kept me on my toes and my attention was just for my family and work.
All the hobby sculpting projects I had for third-parties were canceled since I do not have the time for them anymore...Buglands site I had is no more and died during these dark times... but even if "lost in the dark" a little lantern of hope kept me going.

On really late nights in the literally few minutes per week I had for myself I have been sculpting selfishly an army which I will post here any day.

For now I would like to just update this blog with something I have seen on Coolminiornot, not only its very fine tuned with the subject of this post but its also something I'm kind of proud.

From the CMON artist Bailey03 one of the best paintjobs I have ever seen! TOP OSL! This guy kicked ass there.

The reason I'm also proud of this diorama is that the Spider there was actually sculpted by me for otherworld miniatures years ago! Talk about KARMA, this hobby is really rewarding and its a pleasure to see how talented people interpret your sculpts.
I leave you all with.


by Bailey03


  1. Nice to see you kicking again :D
    Waiting for moooaaa!

  2. Yay you're alive :). Missed your sneak peeks at your talented work.

    This vignette is amazing. Any mook can paint OSL but few master it like this! I can imagine how happy you are to see your spider put to such good use.

    1. Yeah its amazing to see the spider in such a well painted piece.
      The OSL is so real its unbelievable.
      Thanks Allison.

  3. Wow, that really is an amazing diorama. Looking forward to seeing the army you mentioned having sculpted and planning to post up shortly!

    1. Will do, its fun to convert and just do your own thing as opposed to develop something for others.

  4. Good to have you back, sir. That's the best OSL I've ever seen.

  5. Thanks Finch, glad to be back :)