Thursday, 20 June 2013

Bits breakdown and next project.

With another project completed its time to regroup and think about things, right?


If anyone knows me is that I'm kind of the impulsive type and with so many projects yet to be done I have little time to think... besides thinking it's a waste of time, I rather spend it actually punching greenstuff!

Working overtime everyday at my day job and juggling with my kid needs for attention, its hard to sculpt these days... thats why I do it at night :D

So my next project its something really different and a bit crazy. I'm going to be sculpting a mascot similar to this:

Chibi knight with a brush to paint you to death... Brill!

I also forgot to upload a pic with the bits rundown of my previous Hezrou demons sculpts... here you go.

Sweet nightmares folks, I'm going to sculpt a bit more now!


  1. Awe, I hope the little buggling is well. Time flies by and they grow up so quickly devouring everything in their way <3. How old is he know 4-5?
    Cheers Symbio Joe

    1. 6 year old, they do grow fast and deadly ;)
      Planning to add another bugling to the hive.

      Cheers mate.

  2. You do this with a day job and kid? I'm envious... With the same, I barely get time to _paint_ let alone practice my sculpting. I'm curious to see how you of all people handle "chibi".

  3. A good evolution into 2014! Janurary will be a real pain to my wallet.

  4. Hey mate, I've just nominated you for Liebster award so you know - check my blog dor details ;)