Friday, 14 June 2013

Creature / Demon 1 of 4

Hi fellas,

Some weeks ago I finished up some more sculpts but only now I managed to find the time to post them.

In the next days I will upload all images here.

Sculpted for Fractured Dimensions 1st monster...

These sculpts will have interchangeable parts like the heads, meaning you will have a bit more variation.

Hezrou 1

Tomorrow I will post 2nd one.


  1. This is sweet!
    Nasty little fucker like those fiends from Diablo 1 :)
    It will be bucket of fun to paint it!


  2. Looks great, as usual. Good expression, and the sense of imminent movement is definitely there.

  3. Cheers all I tried to make something oldschool styled but also with a modern twist...
    Hope you all enjoy painting some of these since I believe its going to be packed into a blister with 4.