Monday, 17 November 2014

Bugobbos revealed.

Hello fellow hobbyists,

For the past year I have been slowly fleshing out an Orcs and Goblins army for my WFB collections.
The army will be mainly night goblins but with several orcs into the mix… Actually this army started some years ago before I had to move to the UK so it has been stored and travelling from one box to the other for some time now.
When I was unpacking stuff I noticed I had several minis broken but amazingly all my goblins except one resisted the move, resistant buggers hey!?
The theme is Bugs and Goblins so the Bugobbos were born.

For the next weeks until Christmas I will be taking pictures of the wip's I have, so keep an eye for some  bug madness.



  1. bugs + Goblins? Hopefully that means some forest gobs too!

  2. You too eh? I started building a predominantly orc army then took on a commission to build another at the same time. It burned me out, I'll get back to mine eventually.

    1. Its lots of models hey!? I managed to built lots but I need to start painting now.

    2. Oh yea, its a ton of models, and I have not even done a goblin unit yet. But I'm still busy painting Romans and Chaos right now.

    3. Are you also going for the new nurgle kits? I got the Wormlord and the kit is very good.