Monday, 7 January 2013

2013 Kick off

2012 is gone and it was a crazy year in all aspects of my life, 90% of my hobby and life goals were achieved. This year I hope to have a much less chaotic life and relax a bit for a change.

To start I open a new section on this blog with my latest paintings, I usually sculpt much more than I paint but both are equally satisfying.

Just look up on the top menu and now you can find Gallery of colours section.

As for sculpting I'm currently sculpting 4 monsters, more news in due time.

Take care.

PS- Almost forgot to mention but my goal to sculpt 100 pieces in 2012 was conquered with 130ish sculpts total. Wow! Busy year.


  1. 130?! Dude that's nuts. You're an animal. Happy 2013!

  2. You painting?! And you said last year was crazy! watch out this one is off the chain! ;) Kidding of course looking forward to your work.
    Symbio Joe

  3. I know Symbio, me painting as always been a rarity hehe
    The year so far has been good for painting as well for sculpting... I just need to take pics of all my new stuff.