Saturday, 9 March 2013

New bases sets, bike bases & minis wip.

Just finished and shipped to Mr Justin at Secret weapon Miniatures some new bases sizes and sets...

Bikes bases for all tastes, and more corpses fields goodies ( finished these last night when watching the new brilliant season of walking dead).

It is also good stuff to rebase your season 2 Zombicide minis. 
Zombicide is breaking all Kickstarter records lets see how this ends up.

Also here's a wip picture of some monsters that I'm working on, quite delayed on this project need to speed up asap.

Cheers folks! OH! Salute is near and I will be there, anyone else coming in?


  1. Amazing stuff as usual Navarro, I truly love your stuff and the new season of Walking Dead is fantastic too.
    As for Salute I missed last year but I hope to attend again this year.
    Though I did score a commission piece for Dropzone commander through a friend, that made it into the rule book which is my best claim to fame :)

  2. Thanks David and yeah the Walking dead is getting better and better.

    Congrats on Dropzone Commander. I'm curious on what piece did you develop for it, feel free to post any link.

    Last year salute was epic, so much stuff going on it was really the place to be if you are a fan of miniatures.

  3. Wow, I've always liked Giger's alien stuff, especially all the ornamentic stuff. These bases reminds me strongly about the movie Alien... excellent bases!

  4. Hola
    Fantasticas las escenas,sobre todo para my gusto las de la segunda foto,las alargadas.
    un saludo

    The final piece features in the back of the rulebook for Dropzone Commander.
    I was very rushed to complete it, infact I finished the same night I left my old flat!

  6. Turska I'm also a big fan of Giger work, he created some of the most if not the most memorable scifi creatures ever.

    J.d Gracias, me encanta que has gustado. Saludo

    David wow! what a brilliant diorama, you should be proud of it. Are you going to enter salute painting comp this year?

  7. Seconding Turskas words, these alien bases are very nice indeed! Best alien stuff around if you ask me. Great to see you are still into it and your sculpting is as ever top notch


  8. Thanks animerik, Long time no see mate.
    How is your superb chaos army? Still sculpting and painting?

  9. Long time no see indeed! I'm working on some Chaos ogres (the ones that I bought from you age ago), a commission on a big old school chaos army and some other stuff (I still got some creative ADD left in me ;)

    so still sculpting and painting every day mate.

  10. That is good to know my friend :)

    Your chaos minis are always quite inspiring, cool convos and some really nice paint jobs.
    Glad that you keep on doing them.

  11. I'm a big fan of the Dead Fields bases, I only wish they were available as square bases for WFB too.