Thursday, 5 February 2015

Wargaming on a budget & cheap rules.

First post of the year yay!

I have been very busy painting ferociously my goblins and I'm currently doing 2 regiments at the same time, more news and pics when they are finished.

While I was having fun with my WFB goblins some radical rumors from credible rumor mongers did hit the net and holly cow!! Looks like GW will be changing things for WFB. There's a talk about a major reboot of the game with factions merging, armies reduced, bases changing etc! I fear for the future of my Goblins.

Generally speaking and regardless of their fate I will continue painting my gobbos,  just not their bases in case they change. Painting armies does take time and dedication... so if GW decides to make WFB something closer to 40k they may end up with a problem on their hands with vets moving elsewhere for their mass battles fix. Last thing any collector likes to see is their painted armies rendered useless. I have been at this for 2 decades and I think the rumored changes may well be some of the most extreme ones in a long time. Lets wait and see how all turns out to be.

As far as my projects go for this year you may think that these news would slow me down, but actually it had the opposite effect.
I actually decided to introduce my 8 year old son to 40k. We already play Spacehulk and Xwing but I wanted him to get the feel of a tabletop game.
With that in mind I looked into getting the new rulebook and codex... at £75 Its not going to happen. So I went with the idea of running some small killteam games, again I needed the books... Humm I have forgotten that the prices increased considerably over the past 4 years.

I can spend as much as £100 on a single mini if I really like it but spending more than £30 - £35 for a rule set is not going to happen, I just do not see the value in it. This brings me to " Wargaming on a budget"... This year I'm going to do some posts on that subject. I mean wargaming does not need to be expensive.

So I will spend the £75 of the rules in making myself a nice homemade table, as for rules I want something simple and fast like Killteam style rules... guess what? I found them at this wonderful site.


Downloaded the KT rules and extras so Im set for rules and it cost me £0, I know that they are not comparable with the real thing but for now they will do just fine.

There's more rules on the site if you are curious about it.

Have fun guys.


  1. I am quite sure your bugling will be hobby-hooked, you have way too many supercool models around to screw that mission :)
    Have you considered introducing skirmish games to him? Collecting several dirrerent warbands is way simplied and easier that whole armies. You know - to be sure the kid won't get bored too fast ;)

    As for EE's f*cked up ideas - another proof it was good idea to screw them and sick to Necromunda with solid dose of fan rules.

  2. I have songs of blades and heroes and that should sort out the skirmish introduction. I think these simplistic KT rules will allow us to have a bit of fun too with my 40k minis. Actually now that you mention it I believe that I have the original rulebooks for necromunda from 1995... the sourcebook and the Rulebook XD

  3. I only had scan found somewhere in the web, was born too late to play with those toys when they were still fresh =(

  4. :D That reminds me of how old of a fart I am.

  5. I need some wargaming company here or changing a job or anything, I can only look back into past, as I said - I am time traveller =/

  6. Pretty much second hand info mate from other sites about a week ago. Shame they would so this though. Hope you had a good hols

  7. I know what you mean by time traveller demi and there are old school things in my collections that I would not trade for any new thing today... Looking at my Rackham confrontation uraken goblins, some Ilyad barbarians and orcs and some limited editions from lots of companies GW included I would not trade them for any money :D

    Welcome ThirdEyeNuke a pleasure to see you here. Yeah I know that these news are still just rumors and really hope they are just that. WFB has to be one of the oldest fantasy games around and the End TImes season has been great so I do hope that GW does not reboot the game into something unrecognizable. Lets see :D

  8. It will be crazy to see what happens. I'm sure they are up to some change. Interesting times.