Saturday, 20 February 2016

Let there be... snails!

This year will be mostly about sculpting giant insects and all kinds of fantastic bugs.

I'm currently sculpting a couple snails and a scorpion like nasty thing.
Because all my projects start with some concept sketch here are some studies I did a while back for my Snails of war.

You may think giant snails in D&D are a bit lame visually but let me tell you that I did find them quite menacing. Here are the variants shells that I enjoyed the most.
Lets hope they translate well into sculpts.



  1. Awesome :D

    Will these be modular as some your previous sculpts, so they can be mixed and matched with different shells/bodies?

  2. I like where this is heading... both as shown and as the basis for a flail snail conversion. The size and general outline seems perfect for the latter.

  3. Yes gamerase, the plan is for 2 bodies and 2 shells so you can do 4 different ones depending on how you combine the bits.

    Finch if all goes well I think in the end you will not need to convert anything ;)

    1. That's a great idea, saves the buyer having to decide between a bunch of cool designs :)