Sunday, 17 June 2012

My Firestrom armada mini experience

Firestorm Armada is a widely popular range if you are into spaceships wargames and since I'm creating my little fleet I took a peek of what Spartan Miniatures had to offer.

Lots of fleets and spaceships to choose from and I was quite interested in one of their newish designs and releases, I introduce you the so cool:

Zenian League Ba'Kash Sharnak Class cruiser

Got the nice blister within just a few days from purchasing from Maelstrom online shop so I cannot vouch for spartan customer service on this review.

I choose the closed version of this model because it was more appealing to me. The design is just superb and its going to be one of the bigger spaceships for my fleet. The blisters contains the following:

Ship main small body ( resin )
Ship huge 4 body parts ( metal)
Base ( acrylic rectangle and pole)
Printed card

This mini is quite heavy when assembled with the metal body, in fact it's VERY front heavy!
After assembling the base the ship was quite fiddly because only one acrylic pole did not sustain all that weight... I decided to add another pole to the front of the ship just to make it at least reasonably stable...

If you check the pics you will notice how ridiculous the 1 base pole Spartan provided is, it's just not strong enough for such heavy ship.

Well nothing a competent modeller would not fix bu nevertheless a bit annoying this base thing... also the acrylic rectangle had 1 hole in it that did not fit the supplied pole.

The casting is something that always concerns me; that's why I refuse to buy things like Finecast etc... upon checking this ship I was quite disappointed because you could see lots of 3D print lines on many parts. Not cool! Check the pic of just one of the parts, the other parts are similar.

So many 3d Print horizontal lines a bit everywhere makes me not a happy bug.

But apart from all this mess and little hick ups I still love this mini design.

PS- And this spartan experience got from meh to a nightmare in a second! While I was priming all these ships the Spartan acrylic pole BROKE in half while I hold the mini in the horizontal, so yes my homemade pole still intact but the spartan one  just snapped... Not impressed.

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  1. Nice ship, but it is a bummer that they didn't put the effort in to clean up the prototype before molding.