Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Prometheus a new begining

The much anticipated prequel of the Aliens movies finally arrived.

Little review with no spoilers

To celebrate the Queen's Jubilee I got myself one ticket for what I consider the best ever made scifi movies... I know Starwars, Star trek, dune, bladerunner etc are quite iconic but none of them combined the genius of master Giger and none of them had a sense of panic, emergence aliens portray... in fact the Alien creature influenced a full generation of monsters and space creatures all over hollywood, comics, gaming etc Yes Giger did create something unique.

So I have been into the UK  for just a few months and this is my first going to the cinemas here and they look just like the ones back home, everyone buys popcorn, makes noise on cinema and that's OK for the usual blockbuster you go check with the family, sometimes I even buy some popcorn and coke but NOT on Prometheus, this was special this deserved my full geek attention and I was set with my 3d glasses ready for something... different.

Big canon or Something else?

I was afraid that 2 things would ruin this movie: One is that it would be the typical 3d SFX galore with no content and the second is that the alien would be splashed so many times on the screen that it would kill the mystery surrounding this creature... fear not my friends it was just the perfect balance.

The movie was breathtaking and if you are expecting conclusive answers for the aliens movies you will get: in one hand lots of answers regarding Aliens, but most importantly, in another hand LOTS of new mysteries and you are left again with so many things unanswered that you think Dammmmmn I want more!

The iconic moments of previous movies are there but a new roost of races, amazing gadgets ( I want some scanners now) spaceships etc give this movie a extra dimension of interest. Prometheus is the kind of movie, just like aliens, that you want to see it over and over and over again because there are many little things, mysteries and details that you just don't see in the middle of the Horror going on.

I will have to see this again now not in 3D just to check some things I know I missed.

The actors are 1st quality and( I'm going to say a heresy here) but you almost forget about Ripley... convincing acting on most of them and you get stuck into the plot quite nicely, they are not there just to be alien food ( well some are hihihih) but they are all cool in a certain way.

I cannot reveal much without spoiling so I will leave at this... It was a tribute to aliens and revealed some of the aliens mysteries and in doing that it also opened lots of new riddles and options and that makes this movie really the perfect prequel and more...

As a fan of Giger and aliens I now want to sculpt some of the new creatures introduced in this movie and I have extra material to have fun for many years now... I will go to the cargo bay and pick up some vases now.

Brilliant movie!


  1. Fassbender was brilliant wasn't he? Gotta say that Prometheus was every I'd hoped for. Not sure why some people are saying they didn't like it, but if they honestly expected more ALIENS, then of course they were going to be disappointed.

    But, as you say, it's a beautifully shot movie with plenty of suspense and a wonderful sense of dread at times...which is certainly missing from horror cinema lately.

  2. If its a Ridley Scott movie, I'm there, I really don't care what genre it is. I like Giger, but Ridley even more. Really looking forward to going and seeing this movie.

  3. Fassbender had an incredible performance and “Big things have small beginnings” will be one of the most memorable quotes of Prometheus.

    One of the things I always liked about aliens, specially the first one is that the creature itself does not pop up on screen in every possible chance and that builds some suspense because you always want to see more of it... In this movie you get to know a lot about Aliens origins without actually seeing the original creature and thats an interesting choice. The horror is there and sometimes really gory but you never look at it like something overthetop or forced... Like aliens and Giger the horror fits this film like a glove and for me it was a very pleasant surprise.

    Not the usual boring flashy SFX display the blockbusters use to be these days, its more eclectic and mature and still has some really state of the art effects. Good balance.

    My favourite part... so many its hard to pick just one but maybe the hologram of the dead...

  4. Um... that's not the Queen who's having a jubilee ;)


  5. Thanks for the review - I just introduced my son to Aliens and cant wait to take him to this one!