Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Salute coverage (part 5)

This is the final post about Salute 2013 coverage and I would like to say that it was a memorable event.

This year I would like to point out that it was very clear that this hobby is growing,  there was plenty of new minis, games, demos, painting comps and nice happy people everywhere... and some apes too.

There was lots of good things going on there but unfortunately I only managed to capture a few of them, I did miss some big names and companies like hasslefree and mantic etc... In my defense my plans for a more complete report did fall apart when I was invited to play the last game of the day on Frothers table the planet of apes... and glad I did because not only I was having a blast with my ugly frother friends but the damn game was funny has hell and gave me lots of ideas...

My favorite companies where all there except for  khurasan miniatures and between taking photos and drooling all over the place I did buy some goodies to keep me warm for a full year.

Antenocitti gave me a kick in the nuts with some awesome apc's and vehicles inspired on Aliens, I just had to have them all and so I did! Then I needed a full army of colonial marines to put inside the vehicles right?.... so I went down to Ground zero games and found that their new tomorrow's war RANG are not only some of the best GZG minis atm but they are close to how Colonial marines look like... Got a full army there!
The wild card was the power armor suits from Brigade, got them to make my army more versatile.

Pics of my new army 

Colonial Marines

Only need to bug hunt some space demons from Khurasan now and also get the new rules from Ganesha games, SWATTERS for some intense Aliens wars!

Thats it folks, if I had to point out only 5 of the things that are going to stay carved into my memory about this year Salute it would be:

Goblin Aid
Colonial Marines
Hammer Slammers
Planet of Apes
Origen art Mermaid

What can I say, perfect day and it's good to see that this hobby is alive and well.

Roll on to Salute 2014!


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