Saturday, 23 May 2015

Ancient statues (Terrain on a budget)

Hi, time for another update. This time I carved some pieces for my jungle terrain board. Since Im exploring a bit ancient temples and designs I went to look for statues and primitive constructions. There are all kinds of styles depending on which civilization created it.
After I had the ideas it was time to flesh them out, I went again to my cheap art store and got some Das clay for about £4 and started this project.

After a a couple days carving I got these done.

They are considerably bigger than the other ancient columns I did a few weeks ago.
These will be a better block of line of sight.

I also got a big base from Fenris games.

And finally the tools that I use to carve the Das clay, simple stuff really.

Thats it, got a few more things for my terrain and most importantly Im not spending a fortune .


  1. They look amazing already. Going to look even better painted.

  2. Thank you SIr.
    Im saving for a static grass applicator and after that Im good to go for terrain painting and flocking.