Saturday, 9 May 2015

League of Legends PORO

Hello folks.

Past weekend I had an extra holiday on monday so this was the perfect opportunity to flesh out another sculpt. I work for a big company with lots of people and one of the things I enjoy doing is that every birthday of any of my colleagues I draw them a doodle on their cards, its fun and a good way to make work a bit less stressful. This time around it was the Birthday of a good friend who is totally crazy about a videogame called League of Legends. He does talk allot about this game and one of his favorite creatures there is a chibi cute thing called PORO. Its like a strange anime snow yak cub that has a huge tongue. He also grows considerably each cookie he has in game. Cool stuff!

So yeah! I had 3 days to come up with more than a doodle for his Bday so I decided to sculpt and paint this Poro. It was going to be very hard to pull of this in such short time frame since sculpting does take time and curing alone is around 4 hours between stages.

Saturday and Sunday I managed to sculpt the little fella in greenstuff and even had the time to do a base in Milliput.


On monday I painted it, so I managed to get this project concluded on time.

Job done and its also a subject I do not usually sculpt so quite happy to do something a bit different.
My friend was happy so all was just perfect.