Thursday, 30 April 2015

Salute report 6of6 Conclusion

This will be the final update regarding Salute 2015 and I will try to cover some terrain companies, nice tables and close things in a good fashion by reporting what was in my opinion the best at the show.

In general we have seen MDF laser cut terrain expanding each salute, this seems to be quite popular these days and there are plenty of companies with different ranges and prices. Good times if you want to build a cheap cool table.

Wargames tournaments laser scenery

This company had some really good prices and quite clever designs. I have spent some good money in here but I will cover that in another day. Some pictures of the kits.

Wolfsung and microart


Plenty of kits and funny that some have 15mm versions too. I loved the swamp house, will get one next year for sure.

15mm versions of the swamp houses

4 Ground

I think this company is the one that seems to be getting the most attention. With so many superb kits to choose from its difficult to just pick one.

Random overall set of pictures

Best of the best

Its hard to pick just one thing at the show that impressed me more than anything else. How can you compare a big established company to a newcomer, or terrain to a game. The offer is just to diversified. With that in mind I simplified things to the most basic level. In short if I figured out exactly what at the show made me enjoy my hobby more than anything else I would have found my answer.  Nightfolk did that for me this year.


Walking through the show and reporting all that I could I found a small quirky stand with lovely people. The black foam blisters with shiny metals grabbed my curiosity and I approached them.

Immediately I knew that this was something different! I mean a full new range, finished, packed in blisters ready for sale? Usually you see a new company with a few minis on preorder or kickstarter... But a complete range all done and dusted ready to be picked up? Thats rare these days. Also this was not plastic or resin or a mix of both but simply metal, the good old metal that  I loved so much.

At this point in time I thought to myself I need to report this because its a new company taking the risks of all the production on themselves, these guys need exposure... I was not even to fussed with what minis they had done... Well that was before I checked the full painted range on display. WHAT THA?!
What is this? Crazy funny things called Nightfolk with a huge influence on the Labyrinth movie? Wow I was sold right there on the spot!

The sculpting is perfect for this range too, with plenty of oldschool flavour into them, giving these Folks loads of personality. Every single one of these minis was irresistible. This made me go back to my first metal fantasy miniatures back in the day... I know that when I paint this range it will take me back to that time.  In the old days when I painted my mind drifted away into the mini background and I imagined all kinds of stories and adventures for my miniatures, with nightfolk I know that I will drift away again into that same limbo I miss so much at times.

New company, new range, modern and nostalgic at the same time and with a business model that is becoming a rarity these days. This is a company that is doing everything just right. I decided to spend my money here.

Nightfolk we Salute you.

Hope you all enjoyed the reports it was fun.


  1. Great series of posts. Comprehensive and enjoyable coverage.

  2. Very enjoyable report to watch and read, I will share this :)

  3. Thanks Gerrie, long time no see. Glad you enjoyed it.