Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Salute report 4of6 (Mierce, Freebooter, Figone, Infamy, Bushido, etc)

This year I noticed that Fantasy was bit less present than Scifi, most new flashy releases, games or new ranges licenses were set in the future, do not get me wrong there was still plenty of stands to check out.

Mierce Miniatures

Great miniatures and the scale of some of these monster are quite imposing. I almost took the bait but in the end I managed to resist.


Always a must see, some of the best minis in the industry and quite funny details on the stand.


Another must see stand packed with amazing minis and paintobs. Ito clan is still my favorite.


Great miniatures but the scale is around 35mm +. Quite impressed with the design on some of these figures.


What to say? Probably the best Paintjobs on the show and an incredible range for the painters and collectors. The French chaps there did struggle to understand a word of english though. Was quite funny at times. I almost got a couple of these minis but for some reason I resisted yet again.

The others

Some minis that got my attention. There was plenty more at the show but again time was short to report them all.

Some nice primitive man

Warplogue goblin was great but was only for pre order.

Until next time keep on modelling.

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