Thursday, 2 April 2015


Zombies got to be one of the most popular and mainstream genres in the modern gaming industry. There is something addictive about beating hordes of braindead rotting carcasses into a pulp. The concept is hard to resist specially if those mobs really just want to have your brains for dinner. Thats just pure win. I still remember watching my first zombie movies back in the day, I also remember the first ever resident evil game and its sequels and all of them did deliver some fun times. Today zombie games are abundant and The walking dead TV series boosted the zombie factor into another new level.

On the tabletop there are plenty of good minis to collect and rules that allow you to crack some zombie skulls... Yet, Zombicide managed to grab all the best bits from Boargames, Wargames, Pop culture and cool minis and created a brilliant box full of thrills. Zombicide is currently on its 3rd season Rue Morgue and the license is getting stronger and stronger.

Last year a friend of mine gifted me a pack of Zombies from Zombicide and I have to confess that these are by far the best boardgame minis I have seen, even beating the Spacehulk ones. So with that in mind I for the first time ever backed one Kickstarter ( I hate the damn things but I will rant about it on another  post). Zombicide Season 3 was a huge hit and I was pleased to be a part of it, I mean last wednesday I received my pack on the mail with all the extra free goodies and WOW! This is what I got.

I went modest with only the Infection Pledge and a few exclusive boxes like Moustache pack with Mr T. and then Oksana, Curro and Beny. To close the deal I also got some Ultimate survivors.
On paper is not much but when I opened all the boxes to check the minis I was in for a reality check!
208 minis! 

How on earth will I ever have the time to paint them all? :D

A bit of a word of advise to the married fellas, hide away the boxes, I was fool enough to lay them all on a table so when my wife got to see them she was not happy at all! If only she knew that Salute 2015 is just around the corner... I think I will join the zombivor crowd very soon!

Happy gaming!

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