Sunday, 12 April 2015

Terrain on a budget, Ancient columns.

Hi folks

Hope you all had a good Easter with lots of chocolates.

Today the weather is just brilliant, sunny and hot which is uncommon. So its the perfect time for some outdoor activities! Typically people over here do love some bit of gardening or that sort of thing, well my idea of enjoying my garden is slightly different.

This Easter my son had one school project about creating a model based on WWII so I got him some DAS terracota sculpting clay for him to mess around (1kg for £4), it was a blast and there was plenty of leftovers... So, instead of throwing those away I decided to use them for my own wargaming terrain, which brings me to todays outdoor activity.

I picked a sharp blade and carved some ancient columns so that I can decorate my jungle table, I think these can go well either for WFB, 40k or even modern settings.

Funny thing about carving is that its easy to get carried away.

One picture for scale.

Years ago I did something similar so this is like my 2nd go at this sort of terrain, its fun and quite relaxing. So thats it, I carved some clay leftovers and enjoyed the sunny Sunday morning in my garden. It does not get better than this!


  1. I can't wait for my kids to a) have school craft projects I can help with and b) get old enough that if I take some daddy time they won't instantly eat marbles or draw on the walls with crayons. This is a clever idea, I've never worked with Das or paper clay but it looks pretty easy to use. And the results are so cool!

  2. I feel your pain with the little ones, I remember the constant alert feeling I had when mine was small and stealthy... Now that he is older the next step is to teach him how to clean mouldlines :D

    As for DAS I think this is a good material for small terrain projects but I would avoid using it for large pieces because it would start to be to heavy to handle. Its very easy to carve too.