Sunday, 26 April 2015

Salute 2015 Report 1of6 ( Prodos, Aliens VS Predators, Warzone, Starcraft)

Salute is probably the best wargaming convention in Europe and this year did not disappoint. Its easy to notice how the hobby is getting bigger and better from previous editions of show. This was my 4th Salute and I will try to report some of the highlights over this blog.

In the next few days, since there is plenty to cover, I will divide the info in 6 posts so its easier to manage.

Salute 2015 (Prodos, AVP, Warzone, Starcraft)

Got my train to London at 8:30 and reached Salute at 9:30, since I had the online ticket the scan was fast and the queues minimal. There is always that excitement before you enter the doors and once your in you just want to see it all, its like a strange adrenaline boost but it proves to be crucial to endure a full day of thrills.
My advice to first timers is travel light, leave coats at home, bring empty back pack and comfortable shoes... keep your wife away from this she will drag you :D also avoid to be in big groups because you will all split eventually on the show and will only get back together at the end of it. 
Most people will go immediately to Forgeworld or other stores to get the best deals etc but thats not really for me. Salute for me is to check the new releases, catch up with some old friends, report stuff and buy shiny things. Oh bring money too keep credit cards away from this show, you have been warned.

So its the beginning of the day and there is one range that I want to check more than anything else.  You guess it right AVP was my main target so geared towards Prodos stand. Last year I handled the first AVP minis and they were quite promising with great details and sharp casting. At the time there was the Kickstarter thing going on and after one painful year for Prodos and FOX I was curious to see the damn things again.

Hats of to Prodos crew dealing with people asking what the hell happened to their pledges etc, it was a patience exercise for them I guess. So less talk and more pictures:

Warzone and Starcraft

I was tempted to buy some starters because the minis are just awesome, Prodos site is a bit bland and shows little pictures online but when you see these in the flesh you notice that they are quite special. Scale wise they are 35mm ish.

Some pics of the Starcraft license ( they are tiny and hard to take pictures because the stand was in constant movement)

Warzone tables


2 gaming tables in full alien glory.

Drooling over this 2nd table


So this got to be my favorite license and the main reason that I started Tyranids many years ago. The miniatures are perfect and for the 2nd year in a row I could not still buy them. Hopefully AVP will be up for sale shortly, Prodos folks told that the license approval is almost there and that things should be fairly quick to ship once they have the final approval from FOX. Crossing fingers that all starts to move fast, the minis, the fans, backers and Prodos deserve that this license has the best success possible.

After Prodos I moved to other stands but will cover those later.

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  1. I've always been a huge Predator fan myself. But the Aliens are pretty sweet looking.