Sunday, 26 April 2015

Salute report 2of6 (Hawk wargames, Halo and Galactica)


This report will take us mostly to Hawk wargames imposing stand, you just could not miss the extremely large spaceship in the middle of the show even if you wanted to!

Of all the amazing stands at Salute I have to confess that Hawk wargames was the best! Last year we have seen WIP pictures of this ship but now we could see it in all its glory and what a pleasure to the eyes it was, I mean this could easily be one top Hollywood blockbuster movie props.

Not only this ship had all the details and led lights etc It also had a led legend.
This is pro stuff!

Some of Dropzone minis on the show, all nicely painted.

I could see some Genestealer cult Limos on these designs.

Their tables were not modest either, one was the normal paper terrain but the display board was immense! One of the biggest at salute, so many little cool things happening, terrific.

Some more terrain for Dropzone from other companies.

At this point I was very impressed with all the great things that this company achieved in such short time frame. Heck I still remember their debut at past Salute not long ago... yet... something new was on this stand, something that I have not seen before and DAMN it was good!
From the corner of my eye I have seen this amazing fleet.

The design was incredible but what really stand out was the detail level,  I consider this to be the best detail ever sculpted on a spaceship. Yes I looked at other companies fleets, but believe me when I say that this is on a totally different level! Uff this stand almost killed me. Unfortunately I did not manage to enquire more about these beauties because time was short.

Halo Fleet battles and Battlestar Gallactica

Salute this year had more battles in the stars in the form of 2 huge licenses, Halo and Battlestar Gallactica. The minis again were just very good, specially Halo ones. For some reason my photos of these games seemed to go all blurry so I only managed to salvage a few. 

A good selection of minis, games and licenses if you are a fan of futuristic dogfights beyond the stars.
Next update we will check another couple of cool ranges and one stand with a few hidden surprises.


  1. Thanks for taking and posting those pics. It's nice to see that stuff up close! Halo vs DZC will be a tough choice to make.

  2. Those DZC ships look outstanding. Mind you the other space combat games also lookgreat.

    Cheers for putting the pictures up.

  3. Thanks. I was impressed with the DZC stand, minis and table. This company is growing fast and the product is just groundbreaking.