Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Salute report 5of6

Salute revealed lots of new products and minis from different companies, I think the charm about Salute is that all of them bring in their best products and try to grab your attention to their stands. Its also great to see companies growing year by year and the fans participating in demo games. There is a bit for everyone, from terrain, bitz, supplies miniatures and games. On this update I will concentrate on some of these companies new shiny minis.

Meridian Miniatures

Crisp sculpting and some funny chibi zombies WIP on the background.

Clockwork Goblin

3 HUGE weird war tank walkers. High quality and very stylish stand.

Mythos ( kickstarter )

Only one miniature on display and lots of concept art. I liked the overall look of this and sculpt looks fun to paint. This future Kickstarter still has a lot of work ahead.

Planetfall from Spartan

Plenty of boxes and one of them was open so we could check the content ( at least that was what I assumed). At the time  there was no one there so I was not really sure if I could investigate this box or not... I took a few pictures and there are some strange acrylic pieces you can put together and also some nice and crisp resin vehicles and infantry. Waited a bit and moved away since my time was getting shorter and shorter. Box looked quite packed with stuff. Guess I will check this one later online.

Infernal (Kickstarter)

This is a kickstarter based on some type of a modern horror story. Unlike many Kickstarters this one had plenty of miniatures on the show and they look sweet. Not only that they also had a gaming demo table for people to have a go at it. I think the plan is for this one to be live this year and the folks seem to have this one under control and on time. Promising project.


Small little quirky game that uses some cool miniatures. Interesting for people looking into something a bit less mainstream.

Afterlife from Anvil Industry

Hold your horses... in this case hold your guns! I was not expecting this one! When you think that you have covered most of the new Scifi releases at Salute only to realize that you almost missed one of the best. Im not exaggerating here these minis are so GOOD that I got really close to open my wallet! I think I only managed to resist because I was distracted picking myself from the floor. Really super design and a solid contender to the best scifi infantry miniatures on the show.

Ground Zero Games

I love GZG they always have the best 15mm's and this year I managed to take some pictures.

Shattered Void

A new range enters the arena of 15mm scifi in the form of some really crisp dynamic sculpts. Fans keep an eye on this one because its going to be live on Kickstarter around June 1st. A must have!

See you soon on the final post.

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