Saturday, 11 July 2015

Concept art for future sculpting projects.

This update will take me into one side of the sculpting that is not always visible, specially when you  only just see the final greens.
When I sculpt most of the times I have a clear idea on my mind and I will create a loose interpretation of that in putty, although sometimes I need to develop ideas to a more accurate degree. This is when a pencil and paper will have a role in the sculpting.

I was always into drawing and I find it very rewarding to simply drift away sketching concepts all night, sometimes even at work. You never know when an idea will pop up in your head so its better to always be prepared with a piece of paper and something to scribble it.

Lately I have been thinking about  my Tyranids and Killteams... I want to sculpt some alternative monsters and there are a few ideas that I want to explore, nothing too radical... this is what I have doodled so far.

Cthulhu octopus thing

Brainy one

worm head bugger

weird thing

I will give it a go on the worm one and the popular Cthulhu, thing is these little exercises always give me a good starting point. Doing some concept art is quite creative and most of the times I end up with more ideas than I first anticipated so its all good. Sculpting, drawing and painting are all part of our hobby and I enjoy each single one of those things.
So there you go, even if the final result is not the best I already had loads of fun each step of the way.


  1. Only a face a mother could........

    They look great!!

  2. Excellent... a look into the process behind the monsters. You're a pretty good 2d artist, it seems.

  3. They are indeed truly ugly creatures which will fit just nice in my hordes of Tyranid horrors.
    I was also going into my old dusty packed boxes of minis and I found not 1 but 3 boxes of old confrontation miniatures, 3 aberration primes which are a great supply of bitz for my Tyranid killteam.

    Its crazy the amount of minis I have stored and sometimes I spend more time searching in my collections than rather sculpt painting or drawing minis.