Sunday, 28 June 2015

Tutorial what to do with the dried greenstuff leftovers

When your sculpting a project most of the times there will be some Greenstuff leftovers. If its still fresh and you can sculpt something with it you can do plenty of things, little spikes, skulls, mushrooms, purity seals or scrolls etc.
But what to do when its not moldable anymore? Do you trash away the dried bits of Greenstuff?
I tend to use those for something else and again there are lots of things you can do with them, heres one.

Sharp rocks

Not much of a tutorial and more just an idea for you guys.
Greenstuff when dried is very easy to cut so bring in your sharp blades.

1- Super glue or PVA glue
2- Blade
3- Dried bits of Greenstuff

Cut random sizes and shapes, make sure they look very sharp.

Glue the bigger stones first and then fill the gaps with the smaller ones.

Job done.

So why not just use cork? Apart from being expensive and your using free bits of Greenstuff that you normally throw away, the look is very different since cork looks like a less sharp type of rock. You will also struggle to get the fine sharp tips on cork.
Also take this opportunity to experiment, instead of rocks you can cut spear heads, spiked armour and all sorts of sharp things for your models. Again have fun.


  1. Sometimes I chop these up and use them as "fill" (covered with fresh putty) when I'm sculpting bases etc. This is also a good approach, I should try it as my terrain bases seem to be very "samey" lately. I either just glue on a ballast/gravel mix, or cover them in greenstuff and apply texture stamps I made from actual stone.

  2. Most flocks and ballasts look quite similar so these GS stones can give a bit of variety to your bases. If you are really adventurous you can even create a basic figure shape and then glue these stones to it, this way you can even create cool stone golems etc.

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